raftLogo Rally Rules PDF

If you have ever dreamed of floating down a river in the middle of summer on a homemade raft like Mark Twain, then you’ll want to live your dream at the first ever Rustic Raft Rally, sponsored by Friends of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve as part of the Traditional Wisdom Celebration on July 28.

Participants will build rafts using natural materials and float from KVR landing 12 to bridge 14. To qualify for prize money, two people must have at least half of their body out of the water and be on top of the raft at the finish line. Prize money will be split evenly among rally finishers. This event is open to all ages, clubs, groups, and individuals. Registration is first come, first registered and there is a limit of ten rafts. For complete information and to register for this event, contact: Jackie Yocum – Traditional Wisdom Celebration Coordinator, e-mail:  phone:  608-625-2960.

Other activities at the Traditional Wisdom Celebration include crafts and skills demonstrations, treasure hunts for adults and children, a paleo smorgasbord, and campfire entertainment. All activities are at the KVR. Free and open to the public.