2017 Earth Day Poetry Contest

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The Friends of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve held a nature poetry contest for grades 3rd-8th in recognition of Earth Day.  Ninety two entries were received.  A panel of judges selected twenty-two “Poets of Merit” and those students were asked to read their poems at the at the annual Spring Fling on 4/29/17.  Over 100 people were in attendance.  Thank you to all the students for their efforts and teachers who encouraged their students to participate.


By Abe Scheder

Spring buds green and small
Runny sap cooked until thick
Damp wind blows trees about
Wet branches and a soaked trunk

Green leaves signals summer trees
Tap tap tap the beak of a woodpecker
Drills a hole through the strong bark of a tree
Campfires fueled by tall dead trees

Colorful fall leaves of reds, oranges and yellows
The sound of rustling leaves fills the forest with music
When they turn dry and crinkled
They fall off the tree covering the ground

Winter’s chilly breezes freezes branches with snow
Ice crystals race through the forest
Freezing everything in their path
The silence is perpetual

Willow Tree
By David Vielhaber

Oh, great willow tree
How we lie in your cool shade
Oh, great willow tree

Sly Fox
By Neyla Fleeharty

In the deep woods
In search of something good
the red Fox hunts both day
and night

By Iris Gorrill

Go walking in the woods
and hear the exquisite melody of the birds.
The greens and browns of the forest.
Tree frogs singing their beautiful chorus

By Sam Edel

Fast Vicious
Running Eating Hunting
Animal Predator Creatures
Hiding Shivering, Worrying
Scared Afraid

Fire and Flood
By Quinn Scheder

Fire races through the forest
changing everything to black
belching flame left and right
engulfing anything in its path.

The water cascades down the hill
drowning everything in its wake
submerging plants and animals
into its murky blue depths.

Then these two powers of nature
meet and subside at last.

Mother Nature
By Skye DeBoer

Mother Nature:
Protect her,
Clean her,
Love her,
Respect her,
Thank her,
Because she is the only one we have,
Because she is beautiful and loving.
She shelters her animals and living plants and keeps them safe.
She keeps the balance of life and death.
She tries to let everything have its life,
So let’s keep her safe.

Funny Animals
By Owen Berendes

Nature is very funny.
Deer fight for the females.
Skunks stink up the place.
Bears steal all the food.
I wish I could take the food back.
The moose have huge antlers that get in the way.
The fox runs from the snake.
The snake is very stealthy, and he eats the fox whole.
The foxes’ siblings pray for him, but they all get eaten by snakes.

Earth’s Heart
By Grace Levere

Earth is life, life is earth.
Creatures and I love nature, so protect her girth.

And we must help earth and all the creatures in it,
We must not keep the fires lit.

Because earth is where we live and it is where we stay.
Unless we go to space and find a new way.

Daisies, roses, poppies, and dandelions are all just a spark,
Of fireworks of earth’s heart!

Earth Day Haiku
By Emily Miller

Earth Day, Oh Earth Day,
Everybody loves.
I rode on a sun.


The Wonderful Summer Night
By Therese Cummings

In the wonderful summer night the
wind is creeping up my back. I feel the
dew covering my feet. Beneath
the grass they get wet

From the creek to the grass I walk
in the night. A sound stirring in
the breeze makes me want to run against
the wind. I dash past the trees.
I hear a coyote. I run faster. The
trees are invisible now.

Then I stop. The wind stops. I lay,
for I have fallen against my back in the
wet dew. My hair is wet in the wonderful
summer night.

My Farm
By Claire Eggen

Above my farm is
the sky where birds are never shy.
Below-cows, donkey

and me-We are all
happy. The deer are here too
eating grass so

quietly, and we
look on with quiet
minds as they eat.

Around the bees
buzz like machines
Making sweet the

flowers and fruits,
so that they are ripe
and beautiful.

The Colors of the World
(PS the world helped me)

By Jonathan

I see trees of green
Their trunks of brown,
The grass of green.
And their white roots
The bright yellow days.
The gray dark night.
And I say to my friend.
So many colors of the world.
Oh yesss.
Let’s keep the world’s colors that way.

This Tree and Me
By Savannah Pooley

This tree and me
have a lot in common you see.
You need to recycle for us to be.

It’s easy to begin
You have to separate
Cardboard, glass and tin.

It’s up to us to do our part.
It is never too late to start.

Taking care of the earth is what
we have to do you see…

If we want to keep growing
You, me and this tree.

The Environment
By Chylo and Nolan

A seed is buried in the rich soil,
then a droplet of water is rested upon the soil.
Sunlight gently drifts down
and lets the seed bloom.
Once the sun has rested,
the moon will rise upon the sky.
The seed will soon turn to a tree,
the tree will soon turn to a forest.
Then plants will grow
and the Earth will stay green.


When Flowers Bloom
By Makayla Potter

When flowers bloom,
the birds start to hatch.
The forest whistles in delight,
as the sunlight hits the stream.
When the snake hissed in the field,
in the moonlight the grasshoppers chirp.
When energy hits the world in a day.

As I Sat in the Woods
By Molly Montgomery

As I sat in the woods
I heard the animals rustling through the brush
I saw the trees swaying in the breeze
I listened to the birds chirping and singing their songs

As I sat in the woods
I saw the sunlight shining through the trees
I heard the bees buzzing all around me
I saw the flowers beginning to bud

As I sat in the woods
I saw a squirrel running up a tree
I heard the stream rushing past me
I saw the true beauty of nature

Thriving to Grow
By Kaylee Fitzpatrick

In Spring, the trees awake
From their long lasting slumber;
In Summer all the leaves come
Their colors steaming like rivers;
In Fall the stick like trees
Cover the ground with their
Gold like leaves;
In winter covered in snow
Are the stick like trees
thriving to grow

The Dark Path
By Teagen Arndt

As I walked along
It was a very dark path
The trees talked to me
The leaves whistled in the wind
The animals croaked and creaked and cawed
I was very intimidated and scared
I was afraid the tress would,
talk me into something
The leaves whistle a haunting melody
The animals would croak and creak and caw
When they ate me
I am very intimidated and scared.

The Changing of Seasons
By Lincoln Klinge

We start in spring; the flowers are blooming.
The Robins come from their winter break.
The Butterflies meet them with curiosity and confusion.
While all around them all that was crystalized is beginning to melt.
Though the rain may fall, it’s only for the sake of spring.

We move to summer; the fantastic sun is shining brightly.
All the children are out and playing, out in the grass so green and tall.
The bees are buzzing and pollinating about.
Don’t make them unhappy. They will sting you. OUCH!!!
But now it is cool, summer is past, and now fall will take its place.

It is now Autumn; the leaves start to fall.
The flowers and shrubs start dying out.
The animals sense a slight chill in the air.
They decided to get ready for their winter hibernation.
In this season you may see piles of leaves that have fallen from trees around.
Now the first flakes fall; Autumn is done, and winter has begun.

Winter is here, mounds of snow about.
Now everything changes; the water has frozen.
Now animals are at rest and asleep in their homes.
Only some you will see, like cardinals and squirrels will scurry around.
It seems to be warmer now, and the things once frozen start to melt and-
We start in spring; the flowers are blooming.

I Whisper Quietly
By Ruby Segal

I whisper quietly to the night sky, as i
say goodbye to that fine shining ray
in the glary day sky. But as the
whispers flushed away, as the night
sky turned to grey. I could hear the
night saying back to me, that even
though its soon to be day, i will
always be back to flood the day

The Flower
By Katherine Cummings

Under the soil it’s damp.
Out in the world it’s sunny.
I push my way through the soil.
Excited to see the sun.

The breath of fresh air is glorious!
Slowly my outfit blooms.
I show how beautiful it is.
It’s sooo dreamy.

The sky is blue,
The ground is green,
The soil is fertile,
The Earth is soft.

The wind makes me sway,
Lulling me back to sleep.
O close my blooms.
Then I go back to sleep.

Another wonderful day on Earth has come.
Another beautiful day on Earth has gone.