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Friends of Kickapoo Valley Reserve (KVR) has over 275 members from all over the United States. We rely on tax-deductible gifts from our members to fund important ongoing projects, programs, and new initiatives that benefit the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.

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– Individual ($35)
– Family ($50)
– Municipal/Corporate/Business ($55)

Membership funds helped make the following accomplishments:
– $1,000 in Support for KVR Property Maintenance and Improvement
– $9,000 in Support for the KVR Education and Events Program
– New Initiatives, such as support of the Weister Creek Restoration Project
– Miscellaneous Purchases that are Restrictive for the Reserve

Membership includes a KVR annual visitor pass, Friends of KVR and KVR newsletters, a 10% discount KVR workshops, member only gift shop sales, and special event invitations. It does not include camping fees.

Friends of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve is a nonprofit organization recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your membership contribution is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

For more information on membership or to learn more about specific Friends of Kickapoo Valley Reserve projects and programs needing support, send queries to:

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